Babes & Barre


Babes & Barre is a baby-wearing, postnatal class for new moms & their new babies! We love the fact this class offers a fun and safe way for you to workout with your baby. But what we love the most is that it’s a wonderful way for you to meet & connect with other new moms in a welcoming community.

Babies are worn in a body wrap/carrier for standing work (carriers not provided) and are with you on the mat for floor work. Moms, please ensure you’ve been cleared for exercise prior to attending! Classes are offered as a 6 week session. Spots are limited!

Upcoming Babes & Barre Sessions:

November 3rd - December 8th (Open for Registration Oct. 23rd)
YXE - Fridays @ 10:45AM
YQR- Fridays @ 10:45AM


How Old SHould my baby be?

We suggest your baby is at least 6 weeks old, or when you have been cleared for exercise by your doctor. There is no maximum age for babies! Just remember your baby will be worn in a carrier for the majority of the class, so the heavier the baby is, the more intense the workout is for you, mama!

What if my baby is crawling or on the move?

Not to worry! A portion of the class is done with the baby out of the carrier on the mat. A moving baby might mean a little more of a watchful eye for mama during mat work, but absolutely doable!

How do i register for a session?

Our Babes & Barre classes are only sold as sessions with each session lasting six weeks. All sign ups are done through MindBody approximately 2 weeks prior to the first class. Each session is $110 + tax. 

What do I need to bring?

You will need a baby carrier for the majority of the class. Make sure it is comfortable for both you and babe! You will need barre socks for the class. Socks can be purchased prior to the first class and are 20% off at your first Local Barre class! 

What if my baby cries or is fussy throughout class?

This is a very casual and safe environment. Don’t worry about your baby crying during class (that’s what they do!), or needing to stop to feed, or modifying movement for yourself. Getting out, moving your body and interacting with others is what it is all about. 

What if I am unable to attend one of the classes?

Babes & Barre is sold as a session seperate from our other barre classes. There are no refunds or transfers for missed classes.

Do you have an other postNatal class options?

All of our classes can be made postnatal friendly! Chat with your Leader prior to class and we would be happy to give you individualized modifications. We also have a designated post natal category on our Local Digital platform for at home workouts.